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• 8/6/2018


This isn't official
If I were to make a new element what should it be?
  • Star - Fusion
  • Aether - Fusion
  • Gear - Not Fusion
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• 8/6/2018
Obviously aether cause it's what makes up the universe. It would be way to OP.
• 8/6/2018
Alrighty then. I can find a way to balance it. Thanks for your input though.
• 8/6/2018
Aether - 800 Gems, Space + Spectrum

Color: Pale Gold/Silver combo

Shimmering Blast - The user flings a small barrage of bombs that do 50 - 80 damage per hit. Can't be directed. Charged for 80 - 120 damage.4 second cooldown

Aether Beam - The user shoots a beam that does 500 initial damage and pushes the target up to 150 studs then explodes for 1000 damage. The user takes 500 damage.If charged then 1000 and 2000 damage. 5 second cooldown, 8 if charged

Dimensional Teleport - The user opens a portal that moves him 250 studs in the direction he is facing out of another portal. 3 second cooldown

Aether Spirit - The user channels his/her Aether Spirit to raise his/her magical defence and attack for 90 seconds. 7 second cooldown

(Ultimate) Aether Rage - The user floats into the air pulsing then releases a burst of energy dealing 3500 damage. 60 second cooldown
• 8/7/2018
It looks great except the second and fifth attacks are way too op. You do realize that most people only have about 1,000 health, with some people (really rare cases) having 1,500 health?
• 9/2/2018
Star would probably be Space + Aurora with a cost of 150 Gems.
• 9/26/2018

maybe u should nerf ultimate and second moves, but its kinda challenging to get if you have played the game, for like a few months

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