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Hmmm haven't played for a week and this happend

so i was on roblox browsing for new game to play and i didn't find any. but found out that elemental battleground got a new update, so i decided to see what the new update is about then ..................................

how did that happen?

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Hey, thanks for answering my poll. I'd just like to ask, why should i get illusion (i'd ask this question with any answer)


idk if its good or not cuz i am friking banned. and its the new elemental so i just voted for that.


its moves consist of blinding,cloning, and reversing opponent movement. pretty good, im trying to get but costs nature+time+777 more diamonds


why are u telling me this? are u reminding me that i am banned from that game?


did you ever use exploits before? On discord people can report you and get you banned. If not try contacting the admins in discord server.


i am not even in the discord server and no

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