Aura in Shop

Aura is a gamepass in Elemental Battlegrounds that was added in the Nightmare update. This gamepass costs 75 robux.

The description says:

"This game pass gives you a white cosmetic aura that you can show off to your friends! Say in the chat "aura/off" to turn it off, and "aura/on" to turn it on! (New servers only)"

Effects Edit

Aura encases players in a white "flame" that will follow the player. This flame does not affect the player's statistics in any way.

Enabling and Disabling Edit


Cythe with Aura

This gamepass can be disabled any time.

Enabling Edit

To enable aura, type aura/on in the chat (it is defaulted on)

Disabling Edit

To disable aura, type aura/off in the chat

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