Aurora is a Superior Element in Elemental Battlegrounds. It has a diverse color scheme, with the main colors of pink, green, yellow, etc. It was voted in on the 5th poll.

Aurora is an element which can work both close range and at distance. Its beams have good range, as well as defensive options and quick escapes, while all dealing mediocre damage.

  • Damage: High
  • Defense: Medium
  • Speed: Higher than Average

Reasons of Statistics Opinion:

Damage Defense Speed

Reasons why damage for Aurora is "High":

  • The beams from Polar Projections deal a good amount of damage--it's not only one beam, but more than one beam.
  • Gleaming Borealis can be used on one player--dealing repeating damage.
Reasons why defense for Aurora is "Medium":
  • When the user casts Gleaming Borealis, the user can suck players near the him/her--creating an area of protection since once the players get sucked in, they can't escape without teleportation move.
  • Gleaming Borealis can absorb most projectiles. The user can also engulf himself/herself in the beam, protecting the user.
  • Polaris may seem defensive, but it's not. Polaris attacks the players nearby, not giving you any protection in any way.
Reasons why speed for Aurora is "Higher than Average":
  • Gleaming Borealis, Polar Projection, Empyrean Rain, move at a fast rate and Polaris summons quickly after casted.


Polar Projection

"User shoots beams of light that can deal high amounts of damage."

  • The user fires a beam of light that can travel a medium distance before disappearing. The damage vary on how long you charge this spell.

UNCHARGED shot, three bolts, each deal 94 damage, together of 282 damage

  • CHARGED shot with a second, six bolts, each deal 85 damage, together of 510 damage
  • CHARGED shot with two second and longer, six bolts, each deal 78 damage, together of 468 damage
    • The longer you charge it, the lesser damage it will become.Thus, the best strategy is to charge the spell for awhile (around 0.5 seconds), before releasing it. This will yield you 6 shots, and higher damage per shot than holding down till it automatically shoots.
  • This move can be used in fast combos because it allows you to use other moves during the move.
  • It has a cooldown of 5 seconds.
  • It costs 350 mana

Light Emission

"User can teleport to a specific location and damaging a nearby player. Hitting a player results in the ability to teleport again."

  • The user casts light to teleport to a specific location and deals around 150 damage if another player is in that location of destination. If the user hits someone in the location where they teleported, they can teleport again, choosing whether to attack the opponent again or teleporting somewhere far away.
  • The "re-teleport" can be activated for a maximum of 3 times.
  • It has a cooldown of 7 seconds.
  • It costs 250 mana
  • This spell also momentarily turns any hit players screen green.

Gleaming Borealis

"User summons a beam from above capable of hurting players and shielding themself."

  • The player erects a rainbow beam and controls it with their mouse cursor. The beam can suck in other players dealing medium damage.
  • The beam is able to absorb moves and increase in size.
  • It has a cooldown of 6 seconds.
  • It costs 300 mana.
  • Can be used to drag players out of safe zones.

Empyrean Rain

"User pulls light from above to rain down bullets that deal medium damage."

  • The user fires a rainbow light from above that drops down. The rainbow light deals about 40 damage and the user repeats this about 10 times. This move also has a huge AoE range. If all the light bullets hit, the move can deal about 400 damage, depending on your power level.
  • It has a cooldown of 6 seconds.
  • It costs 350 mana

Polaris (Ultimate)

"Create a rainbow sky for everyone to see while being guarded by powerful explosions with a second set that any nearby player is attacked by too."

  • The user begins to cause the sky look like the Northern Lights globally in the map. After casting, music begins to play (listen here) and everyone's screen is filtered with a dark filter. If any opponents are nearby, the user fires beams of light similar to Empyrean Rain. Each beam of light deals about 80 damage and burn damage that decreases every burn damage dealt.
  • It has a cooldown of 100 seconds.
  • The sparks that come from the blast do 10 damage each.
  • It costs 1000 mana
  • This ultimate is able to do more than 1000 damage, enough to kill new players.


  • Polar Projection is the first move to have a glowing magic circle.
  • Polaris is the only ultimate that applies a visual effect to the whole map (not really the whole map, but a very very huge area).
  • Polaris is the only ultimate to play music while active.
  • Aurora is the first element whose magic seal glows before performing a spell.
  • Empyrean Rain is similar to Reaper's Sword as both deal damage from above.
  • Even though it is argued it does not primarily do damage, Aurora's stun, defense, and flee methods could allow it to be used as a deadly element.
  • Aurora is the 3rd/4th multi-colored element, other than Nightmare, Spectrum, and Phoenix.
  • Empyrean Rain looks a lot like Gamma Surge, only it's smaller and fires more times.
  • Polar Projection deals more damage if it is clicked but fires less projectiles and deals less damage when charged but fires more projectiles.
  • This is the first Superior element with spells that don't cost too much Mana.
  • Aurora has the first transportation spell with a re-teleportation ability.
  • Gleaming Borealis is the second close range spell that does not deal initial damage and with the ability to absorb projectiles, second to it is Phoenix's Blue Arson except for the second effect mentioned.
  • Aurora has an oddly high combo potential, but can often be interrupted as its spells lack stun that is often used in most combos.
  • Gleaming Borealis is another type of spell that can be used to drag players out of safezones much like Vine.

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