• Jinx666

    My Adoption for the wiki

    August 16, 2017 by Jinx666

    Hello there

    I have requested the adoption for this wiki on the Community Central wiki. This is because the main admins (DeuxExMortem and Irekjer) are basically not around anymore, so we will ened an admin to keep check of things, of which i am willing to do

    In my management i will 

    • Make sure only those with an account can edit it, and not random Fandom contributors
    • Ban any vandals messing with the wiki on purpose instantly.
    • Be sure to be active
    • Be able to answer questions for any contributors
    • Lock pages when necessary
    • Delete unnecessary pages

    I would be grateful for your support and any help and advice you can give me. If anyone wants to be an admin and assist me with the management, just ask…

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  • NoobHomieTM


    July 13, 2017 by NoobHomieTM

    Ok, so uhh, how do I put this. People were joking around on the EBG general discord chat about a controversial site called PH and I as a joke wrote the link to PH.

    Now I need help with an appeal and I don't know how, so I need someone to give me a hand with this matter, I just need someone to tell me how to appeal and then I'll go from there, thanks.

    I hope I don't need to explain what the short PH stands for, right? I mean, I wouldn't explain it anyways, I don't need to get banned everywhere :/

    Edit: The issue was solved, carry on.

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