Common Fusion elements are a fusion of a basic and starter elements. These elements are strong and capable of killing players in a few spells. These elements are the most common type of element in the game, there being six of them. All Common Fusion Elements cost 450 total diamonds.

Common Fusion Elements

There are currently 6 Common Fusion Elements in the game. The table shows their fusion combination, strengths, and weaknesses.

Element Total Cost Fusion Combination Strengths Weaknesses
450 diamonds
  • Capable of dealing heavy damage
  • Splash damaging spells
  • Can hit medium and close range accurately
  • cannot hit far range accurately
  • spells are slow


450 diamonds
  • capable of dealing medium damage
  • splash damaging spells
  • stun and freeze enemies
  • can't hit far range accurately
  • spells take time to charge
450 diamonds
  • stuns and traps enemies
  • very good support
  • splash damaging spells
  • spells are fast
  • deals low damage
  • cannot hit far range accurately
450 diamonds
  • can hit very accurately at all ranges
  • user can control the spells (bullets, rays)
  • burn damage
  • spells deal medium-high damage
  • spells take time to charge
450 diamonds
  • can medium and close range
  • able to do medium damage
  • some spells autoshoot
  • spells take time to charge
  • spells can be dodged easily
450 diamonds
  • able to deal high damage
  • able to protect itself at close range as well as shoot at medium
  • spells are dodged easily

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