Frozen Incursion

Contact Spells are a type of Spell in Elemental Battlegrounds

These Spells are activated when an opponent is so close that they are in punching range. The user and opponent are both in stuck positions during this (except for a certain few that are flee-able when the damage is about to be inflicted), unable to use other spells, however only the victim is damaged.

These Spells are found in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th slot of an element, but this can be changed for the player's set.

Elements with Contact Spells

There are only 8 elements with Contact Spells so far

Spell Name Element Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown (seconds)
Magma Drop
  • User knocks opponent back
  • Large amounts of lava rain fall upon the opponent, as long as they have not moved out of the way
300 10
Frozen Incursion
  • User launches into the air
  • Multiple ice shards are shot at the opponent
350 10
Void of Terror
  • User kicks opponent back
  • User rises the opponent and will either lower them down into a green void or have them blinded
250 10
Void Lightning
  • User raises opponent into the air
  • User strikes the arisen opponent with multiple black lightning bolts
300 10
Temporal Trap
  • User entraps a nearby enemy in an hourglass.
  • The person trapped inside will take damage once all the sand pours down.
300 10
Neutron Punch
  • User punches opponent with high power and very large knockback
350 10
Soul Plunge
  • User summons a large black phoenix which grabs the opponent and launches them into the ground.
  • Small stun is inflicted upon the opponent
350 10
Disorder Ignition
  • User launches opponent into the air and flips them down, dealing low damage, as well as healing the user
  • A black line between the user and the opponent appears, and the user can swap places with the opponent if they press Y within 6 seconds
350 10