Diamonds are a currency which are earned either by leveling up, purchasing them from the Pay Store, getting the daily gift or from Drop Zones. It is the rarer of the two currencies, the other one being Shards. The Pay Store Requires Robux in order to receive in game products. Pay Store can give you a "reasonable" amount of Diamonds from being bought. 10 Diamonds are given after leveling up, getting the daily gift (Gives 20 if you are in the gamer robot group), or picking them up at the drop zone (20 diamonds per pick up if you own Premium). A light will appear at the diamond spawn location if you have the Premium Gamepass. They spawn ever 2 minutes and 30 seconds (1 minute 15 sconds in Heaven Map), so you should know when to come in and take it when defending the Zone. You will receive one diamond when someone else picks one up if you have Premium Gamepass.

  • Note: They fall from the sky when they spawn

Description Edit

The Diamonds look like any regular gem. They are a light blue color and are in the shape of the commonly known diamond form (a rhombus with a cut top). The Diamond gives off colorful sparkles of blue, when on the floor at a Drop Zone. It gives off a faint blue glow and is difficult to see in some Zones. These spawn every 2 minutes and 30 seconds and are able to despawn, so get them quick.

Uses Edit

Diamonds only have one use so far which is to buy additional elements. The purchasable elements are:

Element Name Cost
150 diamonds
150 diamonds
150 diamonds


300 diamonds
300 diamonds
300 diamonds
500 diamonds
650 diamonds
650 diamonds


500 diamonds

Some of these Elements can be used for Fusion.

Pay Store Edit


The pay store allows you to buy diamonds and shards using Robux. Here are the prices for Diamonds.

  • 250 Diamonds for 300 Robux
  • 500 Diamonds for 500 Robux
  • 1100 Diamonds for 1000 Robux
  • 2300 Diamonds for 2000 Robux

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