Elemental Wars is the first version of Elemental Battlegrounds. Elemental Wars contains more elements than Elemental Battlegrounds, unlike what you would expect in most sequels; some elements have been imported from Elemental Wars (to see which have been, see 'Imported Elements', below). Note that Elemental Wars is still available to players, but it is no longer in development. There is also an Elemental Wars Wiki.


68f99babf2f4a2ebc2c711fc24a08f3e.png Front Page for Elemental Wars

Choose_your_element.png Promotional Banner for Elemental Wars. The Elements above are (from left to right): Fire, Ice-Make, Water, Earth, Lightning and Wind.

Improved Gameplay In Elemental Battlegrounds

Elemental Battlegrounds has improved on many prospects, including:

Imported Elements

These elements have been imported to Elemental Battlegrounds:


  • Combos are impossible in Elemental Wars, due to Energy (Mana in the version) and only having one element at the time.
  • The game can be played but is no longer in development.
  • More players play Elemental Battlegrounds, so Elemental Battlegrounds is more popular than Elemental Wars.
  • On Elemental Wars' Menu, above the title, it reads: See the sequel "Elemental Battlegrounds".
  • Both versions' front page have the same cartoon character style and logo style.
  • In Elemental Wars, the hotbar has only three slots, compared to Elemental Battlegrounds' five.
  • In Elemental Wars, spells are earned by level as opposed to Shards; elements are earned by rolling as opposed to purchasing with Diamonds/fusing
  • In Elemental Wars some elements are based on fairy tale while in Elemental Battlegrounds they are based on real life [lava based on magma and spectrum based on the spectrum]
  • In Elemental Wars, the element's power, defence, and speed is described when buying or rolling it.
  • Multi projectile spells pass through the opponent and some area elements won't damage the place where the mouse cursor is. Instead it will take place at the spot you are standing in.