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Welcome to the elements page of the Elemental Battlegrounds Wiki. Elements are titles for a set of spells that share a common theme. Every element has 5 spells in its spell set that includes an ultimate spell. Elements are used to build powerful combos that are proven to be vital in battling other players in the maps. A good mix of elements as your move pool would grant a wider range of skills and combos. There are currently 105 Spells in the game that you can choose from!
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At the moment, there are now 26 Elements (27 with Events included). Each Element has its own unique power and effectiveness, each Element has its own move set appropriate to its theme. Elements are bought with Diamonds and moves are unlocked with Shards. The User can have their own personal skills to have a unique combo, as well as having different elements deal more damage than others. The more expensive an element is, the "better" it is. The quality of an element, however, does not define the player itself. A player with a good combo can knock out a player using all void or all nightmare easily, or any other powerful elements.


Elements can be classified in many different ways. They can be classified by whether they are fused or not or their rarity.

Starter Elements

Purchasable Elements

Fusion Elements:

Event Elements

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Starter Elements FireWaterGrass
Basic Elements WindStormEarthSound
Common Fusion Elements LavaIceNaturePlasmaCrystalSpirit
Rare Elements GravityLightDarknessTimePhoenix
Superior Elements VoidNightmareSpectrumSpaceReaperAuroraExplosionChaos
Event Elements Sans