Fire Map
Fire is one of the many maps in Elemental Battlegrounds.

From the picture to the right, you can see one of the Safe-zones, a small town with a castle wall surrounding it in a semi circle shape. In the far distance you can see a volcano. By the volcano lies the drop-zone which resembles a wrecked military base.To the right of the castle safe-zone you can see another safe-zone which lies in the middle of the Grass plains. And to your left there is another safe-zone which lies in a much larger castle. However, it ends shortly where there are long blocks (It looks like a dock or a ferry). However, the space is empty and if you jump down, you die. For some reason, though, on one of the holes there is a ladder, It is almost impossible to get on. It is pointless, it leads to the bottom of the map, random blocks everywhere.

Another picture is shown here to the left again. This time it was taken by the original creators to show that this map would be applied to the upcoming game. This picture shows the inside of the larger castle that isn't the one shown on the top right. Again, a volcano is shown. The volcano seems to be the symbolic appearance for this map.

Be carful near lava (not element), the lava on the map will instantly kill you, try pushing opponents into the volcano for cheap kills.