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Glitches (or Bugs) are events that occur in a game that are not normally supposed to happen. Usually glitches can be patched, but some are simply glitches with ROBLOX's physics.

Current Glitches

Rock Face:

After using Rock Body, the user's body becomes dark grey, to represent the rock body, for as long as the spell is active. However, after the spell is done, players heads will stay the gray colour, and not turn back to the original. Despite this, resetting/dying can turn your head to the original colour.

Ultimate Spam:

This glitch is very uncommon and i have only seen it on one ultimate so far, but when a user is in the charging phase of some ultimate's like Cosmic Shrine for example and they reset it will rarely cause the ultimate's cool down to instantly reset to a usable state.

Phoenix Stuck in Midair:

This variant of the stuck in midair glitch involves the Phoenix element and a way to high get up (best way is jumping on a wedge.) Get someone to go up and, when they are at the highest point in midair, use Soul Plunge. The glitch sometimes does not work.

Infinite Soul Plunge:

During or after the Phoenix Stuck in Midair glitch, using Soul Plunge on the target will do nothing and instantly reload Soul Plunge. Spamming this will send the victim to the void.

Ultimate Symbols:

Use an ultimate before being stunned. If you are stunned before activation, usually the user will remain stuck and the symbol of the ultimate spell will linger there.

Stuck in the Roof:

Find an enclosed room with a roof (a good place is the temple in the Light map.) From here, use an ultimate that pulls players (Gravity, Void and Nightmare are usually the best ones.) Once the ultimate ends, the targeted player(s) will get stuck in the roof.

Vehement Blizzard Invisible Platform:

Teleporting up above Ice's ultimate, Vehement Blizzard, will land the player on an invisible platform where they can move around and snipe people. The player will fall off if they walk too far, and the platform despawns after a while.

Oblivion Fling:

When using a travel move that gives the player momentum in any direction on the x- or z-axis (mainly Spectrum's Rainbow Shockwave) near Oblivion, the player's momentum will carry with them on the teleport. This momentum can sometimes seem to increase, resulting in extremely long travel distances.

An Egg with the Great Fire Blast

This glitch is very uncommon among players in Elemental Battlegrounds.But this glitch can be used to deceive those who are unknown about it.This glitch will mostly not work,and will only work in specific places in every map.To do this glitch,the player must have Fire.He will directly face the ground and activate Great Fire Blast.In every map,there is a specific place for the egg to appear,otherwise when activated in the improper place,the results,the Great Fire Blast will only explode and create flames from the underground.If the player is unknown where the specific place is,they can use Genesis Ray right after shooting Great Fire Blast,which requires the right timing.Sometimes the Great Fire Blast,when activated a distance away from the specific place of where it should be hatched,it will rather travel slow or explode.

Sent to Hell/Stuck on the Ground

This glitch is the top two most uncommon of all glitches.But this glitch does not work very well.This glitch can be in two ways,dragging the opponent down and using Soul Plunge.For the first way,the player must have Wind Cannon,Neutron Punch and Spiky Shield with him,or any spell that gives of a knockback.The player must stand on the opponent's head.Then he must blast him off with Wind Cannon while facing the ground.Then use Neutron Punch as long as he is stunned and/or distracted.Use Spiky Shield to permanently make him stuck there.For the second way,use Soul Plunge repeatedly on one opponent.This glitch does not work very much.

A Way Out

If someone used Gravity,Void or Nightmare's ultimates in large enclosed areas,players mostly teleport back with Shadow Sneak or Lightning Flash.But they rather won't work much.So the player must use Water Tumble to get back.The same is done when the opponent is stuck on the ground.

Repeated Immolate

This glitch is the top three most uncommon glitches in Elemental Battlegrounds.For it to be familiar,make sure the user has Phoenix.The caster will activate Immolate and,of course,rain down those bombs.The caster must face a straight angle if the Ultimate is about to be finished or if finished early.Then the Queen Phoenix will not land.Thus,making the caster repeat it again or spam it.

Fast Ultimate Recharge

This glitch(not probably)is spammed by almost all players in Elemental Battlegrounds.It is just that easy : Use an Ultimate,Reset,Wait for a Minute and you can use it again!

Water Tumble Surfing

This is the top one most uncommon glitches in Elemental Battlegrounds.In this glitch,the user must have Water.Then he rides on Water Tumble,and he should pass a hill somehow.Then he must maintain riding in the Water Tumble as it bounces until it is gone.(This requires the right timing!!)

Note : This glitch is very helpful for escaping(or to just be too bossy around).

Immolate Glitch

This glitch might be unknown but the user must have Phoenix, then the user will use Immolate and then reset and press Y, the Queen Phoenix will land but it will not explode.

Fixed Glitches

Zoom-in Glitch

The zoom glitch disables a player's ability to zoom out. This is extremely annoying as you will not be able to look or shoot behind you and attack accurately at far range. A player trying to zoom out would only find him/herself that his/her mouse will be able to move freely, unlike if you're in first person. A player who is high in the air is able to zoom out, like if he/she is using Gloomy Blare. This glitch started 4/19/2017, just after the Nightmare update and was fixed on the same date hours later. It was patched on the same day

Hats Glitch

Before the glitch was fixed, the player's hat avatar will be stuck in the player's head. It seemed very obvious if the player zoom in.

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