Grass is one of the Starter Elements in Elemental Battlegrounds. It has a green, purple and yellow colour palette.

Grass is a distance magic, with several projectile moves, as well as a move that can drag opponents in and stun. It is the first element with the ability to heal if certain spells are successful in hitting.

If it is not your chosen starter element, this Element will cost 150 Diamonds.

Grass can be fused with Storm to create Nature and with Wind to create Spirit.


Damage: High

Speed: Above Average


Player Opinion:

Grass is probably the best starter magic, because of it's high speed and high damage, but the trade off is that it has the lowest defense out of all the Starter elements. It can also be the worst element because of a players lack of aiming skills. Grass also is the only starter magic that heals with some of the spells if they successfully hit a player.


Spore Bombs

Spore Bomb

Spore Bombs

"User shoots 3 large spore bombs that deal a low amount of damage each but will heal the caster if they hit their opponent."

  • Spore Bombs is a Projectile Spell, of which the user shoots 3 large yellow bombs with burst. These bombs do low damage, but have the ability to heal the user minorly if they are successful in hitting. Burst damage allows the bombs to gain more range of explosion to deal a wider range of damage.
    • It consumes 300 Mana and has a 5 second cooldown also gives 30 xp
    • Heals 20 health each time an opponent is damaged
      • Tip: Quick dodging and shields enable this move to be countered.
      • Note: if an you and an opponent are at low health, using this will significantly change the tide of the battle if you hit all of the spore bombs
      • Note: They can be burnt with Incinerating Burst.
      • Note : If the spore bombs are able to hit more than one opponent, it heals you more than 20 health.
      • Does about 100 damage (each spore bomb)

Poison Needles

Poison Needles

Poison Needles (charged)

"User quickly fires several poison needles that do a low amount of damage and deliver a stun."

  • Poison Needles is an extremely fast Multi-Projectile spell, of which the user shoots dozens of small purple needles. These needles are very fast, and have really long range. They have low damage, but each needle delivers a short amount of stun upon the opponent, though this stun can be increased through the stacking of needles, so that combo strings can occur. The needles can be moved around so that not all hit one direction, as well as the fact users can slowly move around while performing this spell but can also beneficially heal them.
    • This consumes 150 Mana and has a 5 second cooldown also gives 15 xp
    • Tip: If you catch a player with Vine Trap, and shoot poison needles at them, this can cause massive damage. Approx. 750 damage, almost more than the power of a water dragon! The reason why it does so much damage is because this attack stuns and the stun can cause the players to flip and miss the needles. Catching them in this attack will grant all the needles to hit.
    • Does about 20 damage per needle and takes about 1 second to fully charge
      Poison Needles (uncharged)-0

      Poison Needles (uncharged)

  • This move is hard to counter, due to its incredible speed. Moving around a lot will ensure that not all needles are able to hit, so that stun time is decreased immensely, and the opponent will be unable to ensure a combo. Moves that create solid objects such as Aciculated Spikes can also allow a barrier of which prevents these needles from hitting.
  • If nearly all or all of them make contact, the health of the opponent will go down immensely. About 500 damage can be done through the consecutive contact of needles.
  • Note: They can be burnt with Incinerating Burst or Great Fire Blast
  • Tip: If someone uses this as their main damage dealer, use inertia (gravity) to counter this



Vine (charged)

"User creates a vine to pull users towards them, which damages the player and heals the caster."
Poison Needles-0

Vine (uncharged)

  • Vine is a fast Travelling spell, of which the user can either pull players towards them (including the players in the safe zone) or pull themselves towards something using a fairly long ranged vine. If the user is successful in hitting an opponent with this move, the opponent will be pulled towards them, issuing a brief stun on which they are unable to attack. This move will also deal minor damage at the opponent, while also healing the caster, as if the vine had absorbed the opponents health. If this move does not hit an opponent, and instead a solid object, then the player will be pulled towards that object.
    • It consumes 300 Mana and has a 7 second cooldown also it gives 30 xp
  • This move is hard to dodge, as players can adjust the direction to follow the target, and once pulled, will most likely cast another spell of which will easily be able to hit the close ranged target. The best option would most likely be to keep moving around at a distance, although poison needles can stun you for long enough, allowing the vine to grab you. Despite its usefulness, if it misses, but is close to you, this allows the perfect chance to land a Close Range or Contact move to damage an opponent.
  • You can save a friend from dangerous ultimates with Vine.
  • When timed right, the vine can be used to pull a player out of a safe zone.
  • When charged it can be launched further
  • Does about 140 damage and takes about 2 seconds to charge

Leaf Storm

Leaf Storm

Leaf Storm

"User creates a tornado of leaves that can be pointed in the direction of their mouse cursor that deals medium damage and throws users into the air."
  • Leaf Storm is a medium-speed Close-range spell of which can be used in close range or at long range. The user summons a tornado of leaves around themself, and then shoots it in the direction they decide. Whoever is hit by this tornado at any time receives damage and is hurled into the air and briefly stunned.
  • Note: This is also able to phase through solid objects.
    • It consumes 300 Mana and has a 7 second cooldown also it gives 30 xp
  • This move is easily able to be dodged, as it only goes in one direction, though due to its size, those with low stamina being unable to run or dodge can be hit. The move can also be used if someone is close to the player as they cast it, so a distance is required.
  • Does about 280 damage

Poison Bombs Barrage (Ultimate)

Poison Bombs Barrage

Poison Bombs Barrage

"User flies into the air to throw poisonous bombs that deal high amounts of damage and issue a stun to those who are hit."

  • Poison Bombs Barrage is Grass's Ultimate. The user flies into the air with poisonous effects around their hands and drops 3 large poisonous bombs of which secrete poisonous gas around the area they have landed. Opponents hit by this will have massive damage done to them, as well as extra gradual damage due to the poison factor. This move also delivers stun of which keep the victims where they are so that more gradual damage can be done, although those who are out of the range of the gas will be able to escape.
    • It consumes 1000 Mana and has an 80 second cooldown also it gives 100 xp
    • This deals about 200 damage (per bomb), and about 25 aftermath damage (per second).
  • Once the poison clears completely, the user's moves will activate in mid-air, unlike Gloomy Blare (Darkness) where moves reactivate as soon as you hit the floor. This gives the user a chance to attack the opponents as they are still coming to the end of the brief stun. The opponents' moves are also reactivated but as said, they are still stunned.
  • Tip: This Ultimate can be stretched far, but Travelling moves, such as Spiral Spin or Lightning Flash, allow a safe getaway from the bombs. The user also stays in the air for a bit, allowing an easier target for you to hit, though you will not be able to cast anything if you are stunned. Inertia (Gravity move) can allow escape of the stun.
  • Note: Each bomb impact deals around 200 damage. 200 times 3 would equal 600 damage, plus the aftermath damage from poison would deal quite a lot. Since the user gains complete access to their spells once done, the user can use a large damage dealing move that deals around 300 damage to wipe out their opponent.
  • Note : Using solid projectiles such as Acciculated Spikes,Great Fire Blast and Incinerating Burst could reduce the number of bombs dropped.


  • Grass' symbol originated from Great Tree Arc element from Elemental Wars
  • Grass is the only starter element to have not appeared in Elemental Wars

Other Images and Videos

Dragging Vine

Dragging someone out of the safe zone using Vine