Grass Map
Grass is one of the many maps in Elemental Battlegrounds.

In the map the most notable thing that you will see after spawning in would be the massive tree. This tree actually has the Drop Zone at the very top of it within the trunk. It takes a while to climb to the highest point of the said tree. The easiest way to get to the top is by using the vines that hang down. You can also see several Safe-Zones in the area.

For this next image, which is kinda blurry, you can see the Main Tree. From this image, if you look closely, you can see a small village on the tree's trunk at the base. That, too, is part of the map. There is also a spiral that is visible that would take you up to the top where the Drop Zone is located, but this route is the longest to take. This image was used to show that this map will be included in the release of the game.

There is a secret added in December 2017. In the mega grass map there is a secret town below the tree and there is a chaos knight NPC in there. Interacting with it will grant you access to lvl 226 for 10,000 shards. It cost 10,000 shards to increase your maximum lvl by 1, available only if you are lvl 225 with max EXP.