Light Map
Light is one of the many maps in Elemental Battlegrounds. What you can see here is one of the safe-zones which is a long way from the Pyramid. You can also see a lot of desert houses, where yet another safe-zone lies. The Pyramid is quite important as at the bottom of inside it, is the Drop-Zone, which is often competed for.

As shown, the next picture to the right shows a close up image of the pyramid. Though it is blurry, you can make out the desert villages in the background and an eye above the entrance. It appears to be an eye with some trail or other feature hanging from it. This could represent the Illuminati or just a fancy feature. If you manage to get through the entrance, a set of spiral stairs will descend into the base of the pyramid. The stairs will lead to an open door that will open into a large room with slanted walls that go down outwards. This place would be known as the Drop Zone. If you travel around back behind the entrance, you may see a mural or a painting with hieroglyphics on it. Two stone statues representing Anubis would be beside the painting. This picture was used to show that this map will be included in Elemental Battlegrounds.

The Pyramid seems to be the symbolic figure of the Light Map. The sound symbol also appears in the pyramid

This map has been known to be a popular place to farm for gems when new elements are released.

This map is considered the best to farm gems, some people actually think it is better than drops heaven.