Menu in Standard Map

Menu Page is the startup page seen when you open the game. It consists of the name banner and three large boxes in the center, a gift box on the bottom right corner with a mute option as well, and the credits at the bottom. The background is an expanded view of the map you are in.

PLAY option Edit

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The play option can be selected by clicking the top button with the word PLAY inscribed on it. The player would now be shown in 3rd person perspective of his own body and can move and cast spells. It is possible to move and cast spells in the menu page but it is harder to aim and control. Most of the time you would not be able to see yourself in the menu.

CHANGE MAP option Edit



The change map option allows the player to change map. The player would be able to select from nine different maps (including the one they're currently in right now). The player would be transferred to another server with their chosen map if they clicked any of the button other than the back button which brings the player back to the menu.

Available maps Edit

JOIN FRIENDS option Edit


Join Friends

Join Friends option theoretically allows the player to join his or her friends currently online and playing this game (although it never worked for me). The back button sends the player back to Menu.

Gift Box Edit


The gift box allows players to collect diamonds every day. A player receives ten diamonds a day or twenty if they are in Gamer Robot club. When the gift is collected, the gift box would have an open animation and a +20 or +10 text will be floating atop it for a few seconds.

Music Edit

The music option allows the player to mute the music, but not the in-game sounds (i.e. bullets). Clicking it would mute the music and a cross would go over the speaker symbol.


Credits Edit


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