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Minilovania was one of the many maps in Elemental Battlegrounds. It was a secret map. There were no safe zones. It was based off of the popular game Undertale. The biggest give away to Undertale is that when you were on the map, you automatically had access to the secret element Sans, which is based off of an Undertale boss, Sans. The element is not available on other maps and cannot be used on them. The drop zone was around a restaurant with the name Grillby's (on the right, sorry that my cursor is in there). When you are in this map and use Teleport (Sans Move), your face turns to Sans's face, shown on the yellow sign next to Grillby's.

The map used to be accessed via the tree shown below, but is now behind a ledge.

This map is also the smallest on the game.

Minilovania location

Teleporter = White spec in bottom right corner w/ player. Perspective shown

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Previous Location of Teleporter