Plasma Missiles

Multi-Projectile Spells are a type of spell in Elemental Battlegrounds.

These spells allow User to shoot multiple bullets, unlike projectile spells. User can control where the spell hits in the duration of this spell, meaning it is harder to miss. These spells, however, do less damage per bullet than projectile spells but more overall if all of them hits its designated target.

Elements with Multi-Projectile

All elements so far has a multi-projectile spell in their spell set other than Nature, Gravity, and Void

Spell Name Element Effect Mana Consumption Cooldown Time


Consecutive Fire Bullets
  • User shoots many fire bullets that deals a small amount of damage each
  • Players near the landing area of the bullets will receive burn damage
  • Chargeable
200 4
Water Stream
  • User shoots many water bullets dealing a small amount of damage per bullet
  • Chargeable
250 7
Poison Needles
  • User shoots many purple poison needles that deals a small amount of damage each
  • Players hit by bullets will be stunned
  • Chargeable
150 6
Wind Tornado[e]s


  • User launches 6 wind tornadoes that deals moderate damage to those who are hit
  • Tornadoes also knock people down
  • Chargeable
300 8
Lightning Barrage
  • User fires multiple bolts of lightning in a straight line
  • This spell can be charged to launch further
300 7
Rock Avalanche
  • User levitates whatever is near him on the ground and throws it
  • Can potentially deal huge amounts of damage
  • Projectiles will slide on the ground as opposed to exploding
  • Projectile only explodes on contact with another player
  • Spell is chargeable
200 7
Scorching Basalt
  • User fires a series of lava bullets that explodes and damages nearby players
  • The explosion causes burn damage
  • Spell is chargeable
200 6
Flurry Heave


  • User fires a series of ice bullets that deals damage on contact with nearby players
  • This spell is chargeable
150 2
Plasma Missiles
  • User shoots plasma bullets than go in the direction of the user's mouse and deals damage
  • Deals burn damage to those who are near its explosion spot
  • User loses control of the bullets if they get too far
  • Chargeable
300 7
Lucid Rift
  • User fires a series of crystals in a 5 pattern on a die that explode on contact dealing medium damage
  • This spell is chargeable
200 4
Vigor Gyration
  • User hovers orbs above head and fires them
  • This can potentially deal high damage
  • This spell is chargeable
200 4
Orbs of Enlightenment
  • User hovers light orbs in the air then fires them
  • This spell can potentially deal heavy damage, over 500 damage
  • This spell is chargeable
400 9
Somber Brisk
  • User launches multiple dark missiles that deals medium amount of damage
  • Also burns
  • Chargeable
250 5
Horrifying Heads
  • User shoots a series of skulls that will explode upon contact
  • Can potentially deal a lot of damage
  • Heals user on hit
  • Chargeable
250 5
Rainbowifier Maximizer
  • User shoots different colored bullets that explodes on contact, dealing low damage each.
  • Each color of bullets has a special effect. See here
  • Chargeable (Longer the charge, the more accurate the bullets are)
350 7
Warp Bombs
  • User shoots multiple fast shining white balls, which stick to whatever it hits.
  • On the player's command (E key), the balls explode and deal low damage singularly, though the damage can stack
250 5-15 (5+ the time u choose to detonate the bomb)
Asteroid Belt
  • User summons multiple asteroids above their head in a ring. Asteroids are then sent in the direction of the cursor, doing low damage each.
  • The longer the charge, the more asteroids that appear
300 7
Empyrean Rain
  • User rains rainbow lights from above that damage opponents.
350 6
Howling Chain
  • User summons 5 harmonic chains that are chained together.
  • It creates a siren sound. and it can be controlled with the mouse cursor.
350 6
Chaos Zone
  • User shoots multiple black orbs in the area surrounding them, and a couple of seconds later, aims them at a target to deal damage
350 10
Ace Up The Sleeve
  • The user summons zig-zagging playing cards that deal low damage
  • This alters the movement of the opponent.
  • Deals 99-103 damage.
200 5


Spell Name Element Effect Mana Consumption Cooldown Time


Bones Rain
  • User summons fast bones that rain from the sky in the direction of the cursor*
300 7