Phoenix is a Superior Element in Elemental Battlegrounds. It has a colour palette of mystical blue/purple shades, as well as black and bright orange.

Phoenix, like Fire,Lava and Plasma,uses burn damage to wear down an opponents, but also having strong spells, healing capabilities, and high combo potential.

It is a Purchasable element that costs 750 Diamonds. However, it was originally planned to be a fusion element between Fire and Wind, with 150 diamonds needed to be unlocked. However it was scrapped, probably due to the fact that new players would get the element quickly.

NOTE: All Phoenix moves can be countered easily by jumping high in the air(Using Wind Ascend for example) and holding down Light's healing move, Scintillant Rejuvenation.


Player Opinions

  • Damage: Extremely High
  • Speed: Average
  • Defense: Lower-Average

Player Rating

Phoenix sure does lots of damage in addition to the burn damage making it hard to destroy considering the speed of Holy Dash. However,the main problem is this element has some limited range for example,Blue Arson range is limited and most of the spells aren't suited for Long Range, the only exception being Ash Pulse to compensate its accuracy. The other weakness for this element is the fact that it can't attack in the air, due to having close range moves and being unable to aim Ash Pulse. Yet, if you can engage close range fights, burning damage can come out handy and used for combos. It also has a excellent travelling move that goes far to save yourself in a split second and able to glide in the air. Its very overpowered and is hard to counter.


Ash Pulse

Ash Pulse

Ash Pulse

"Casts an aura of burning ash that explodes on direct impact. The aura splits into eight projectiles after one second without collision, in a forward spread angle."

  • The user creates a high-damage pulse that splits into 8 orbs after some distance travelled, each dealing noticeable damage.
    • Main Blast: 300 damage
    • Split Blasts: 150 damage
    • This is the highest damage-dealing projectile spell, if at least three split blasts hit. It can deal up to 450 damage or more.
    • The pulse, before it splits has a MASSIVE AoE, far bigger than it appears. This may be changed.
    • At the moment (an probably never) players cannot aim Ash Pulse in different angles. They can control the direction it travels but not the angle it will travel like most projectile spells.
    • This move can actually deal more damage than any ultimate. If the main blast splits just before you hit your opponent and all eight projectiles hit, then it will deal 1200 damage (150*8), if not, more damage- resulting in the move dealing more damage than any ultimate. If you have Phoenix, beware that many people will easily dodge this by simply jumping over it or flipping over it.
    • It gives 32.5 exp for every time it has been cast.
    • It consumes 300 mana and has a 6 seconds cooldown
    • Ash Pulse's projectiles give off a sparkle, just like you sparkle when you use Holy Dash. This is most obvious when you use Ash Pulse and you lose Internet Connection and the bullet freezes in midair, you can see the sparkles

Blue Arson


Blue Arson

"The user summons a phoenix in the location of their cursor that sets the area around it on fire."
  • Enemies who enter the fire take minor burn damage that lasts for a few seconds after leaving the fire.
  • Deals more damage then other fires and burns so hot that even flame body won't protect the user. Its estimated damage is around 20-50 damage.
  • Heals about 10 damage per second when user is in fire
  • Possibly, the healing effect was added to replace Undying Being, as it was replaced by Ash Pulse. (10 each time)
  • it gives 35 exp for every time it has been cast.
  • It consumes 350 mana and has a 10 seconds cooldown
  • Note: You can see a space symbol cause this is the Testing Server

Soul Plunge

Soul Plunge

"Calls in a dark Phoenix (similar to Blue Arson) that strikes the nearest enemy from above, inflicting hefty damage and a stun."

  • The user throws the opponent into the air using magic and calls down a Phoenix to grab the opponent, the Phoenix then slams them to the ground dealing high damage.
  • Deals about 300-350 damage.
  • The victim of the Phoenix can use spells until they are slammed to the ground.
  • If this spell is used on mid-air, the victim will get stuck to the air and will be unable to move and can only use spells.If you are caught in this glitch,reset,because it is the only way to get out of the glitch since Transportation Spells will only get you back to where you got stuck and if somehow the user gets up and uses Soul Plunge again, it will send them to oblivion where they meet their final destination.
  • This move has the most range of all of the contact spells so far. It can reach surprisingly far.
  • If this move is used on people inside the safe zone, They will get damaged if you get high enough of the safe zone, it isn't safe anymore. Since Soul Plunge does damage when the phoenix hits the victim at the top, they take damage. This is most useful when a player you were fighting is on low health and they go to the edge of the safe zone but not out of it.
  • Also, when using this move, there is a highly unlikely chance that the victim will get stuck in the ground, however, this can be fixed by using Water Tumble (Don't ask why).
  • It gives 35 exp for every time it has been cast.
  • It consumes 350 mana and has a 10 seconds cooldown

Holy Dash 


Holy Dash

"Instantaneously dash where you aim. Deals a mild blow to anyone in your path. A dash ending midair results in a pair of wings, allowing you to glide."

  • The user dashes to the location in the direction of the cursor at light speed, leaving a trail of blue fire.
  • This spell takes about half a second to activate after clicking/tapping.
  • If the user uses this spell in midair, he/she sprouts temporary Phoenix wings and glides down to the ground.
  • Deals 250 damage to any enemies that were in your path. Enemies also take extra burn damage from the dash.

Holy Dash in midair

  • When hitting the ground while flying, the user will be stunned for a few seconds although there are ways to prevent it like flipping after landing (this would probably get fixed).
  • The blue trail of fire deals lasting burn damage against enemies who passes through it, similar to Blue Arson.
    • This spell will also interrupt an enemy's attack upon a successful hit, be it regular or Ultimate.
  • This spell can be charged to allow time for the user to aim at the opponent but it doesn't increase the range of the dash nor the damage.
  • It gives 35 exp for every time it has been cast.
  • It consumes 350 mana and has a 10 second cooldown
  • If the user has a back accessory like a swordpack from the catalog, the back accessory is not replaced by the wings.
  • When you use Holy Dash on land, you sparkle with Black diamonds, identical to the sparkles of the projectiles on Ash Pulse.

Immolate (Ultimate)


Immolate (ended early)

"Become a Queen Phoenix with the power to rain fiery doom on unsuspecting or suspecting opponents alike. End it with a nose-dive at wherever you aim in a spectacular crash (triggered early with Y key)."

  • Immolate is Phoenix's ultimate spell.
  • The user flies into the air and transforms into a giant Phoenix, which then starts to spit green, red, blue and black explosive bombs that deal small damage to enemies near the location of their cursor.
  • The bombs explode with a column effect rather than an actual circular explosion.
  • Once the bombs are depleted, the user then crashes to the ground where their cursor was located, dealing massive damage
  • If the user presses Y the crash will be activated early with less potential damage.
  • Has a 70 second cooldown.
  • This ultimate is unusually difficult to control in some maps.
  • This ultimate may be the only one that can kill players in a single use aside from hell's core.
  • Immolate is easier to aim if you set up the camera to first person view.
  • In light map if used in the pyramid you will fly out like if the ceiling was not there.
  • If you use it and keep your cursor upwards, you can get surprisingly high upwards.
  • If another Immolate was activated while the first Immolate is still flying, the first Immolate will crash but no crash damage will be dealt by the first Immolate, it just crashes.


Phoenix 2

Phoenix that appears during Immolate

  • Phoenix has the first ultimate to have the ability to be stopped early (via pressing Y).
  • Phoenix is the first element to have one spell removed and replaced by another spell after it was released.
  • Phoenix is the first spell that used to be a fusion, however changed into a purchaseable spell.
  • Phoenix is the second element to have a charge-able transportation spell, Plasma being the first element to have a charge-able transportation spell.

Phoenix that appears during Blue Arson and Soul Plunge

  • The word immolate has three definitions which are:
    1. To destroy by fire
    2. To kill a sacrificial victim by fire
    3. To sacrifice
  • Phoenix's Blue Arson is the only close-range move that can heal the user and also not do any initial damage like other close-range moves.
  • Phoenix's Holy Dash is the only transportation move to inflict burn damage.
  • The way the player floats down using Phoenix wings after Holy Dash may be based off Bayonetta from the game series of the same name, who can float down softly with butterfly wings after jumping in the air. There is also a reference to this character in the element Reaper, in Reaper's Wrath there is a purple portal with a purple fist coming out of it over you, and Bayonetta has a strikingly similar move in the Super Smash Bros series in Super Smash Bros Melee (Wii U) Where she has an ability to create a purple portal above her and make a purple fist out of it.
  • Phoenix is the second non fusion element to be a Superior element. The other one being Nightmare.
  • Phoenix's weakness are players shooting from the air, because none of phoenix's moves can hit a target in the air. Wind users could take advantage of this. Although its ultimate may be able to have splash damage and the dive could potentially hit it, phoenix will be useless against players who fight in the air
  • If you abuse the Inertia Rainbow Shockwave and Light's Healing move you can be immune to almost all if not all the phoenix spells or if you use Ice ultimate and then Plasma Orb in the air.
  • Phoenix is the first element added to be based on an animal/creature whereas all the other elements are purely element-based exept for Reaper (While Phoenix may be the first element to be based on an animal/creature, Water is the first element in which one of its spells is based on an animal/creature, Phoenix being second)
  • Phoenix,along with Grass,Nightmare and Spectrum,are the only elements that possess at least one move that can heal but that isn't labelled with a Healing Spell icon.
  • Phoenix is the first element that can stun the user with his/her own spell(Using Holy Dash in the air).
  • Phoenix's Ash Pulse is currently the highest damaging Projectile Spell,because you can deal as much damage as an Ultimate does when the projectiles splits near an enemy and all the 8 splitted projectiles hit him.(Deals approx. 600-700 damage)
  • Most players find Phoenix to be very difficult to avoid if the enemy player has a combo that is nearly inescapable such as: being stunned and burned to death or constant repeats of the same three spells over and over again.
  • Phoenix is a collaboration-made element (unvoluntarily) by two users on the Discord; CV and Twizzy. Twizzy made Ash Pulse, while CV made everything else.
  • Phoenix is the fourth fan-made element.
  • Phoenix is the first element to have a move that gives a decimal XP instead of a whole number.
  • Phoenix is known to be "Cancer" because of its damaging abilities.
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