Plasma is a fusion element, in Elemental Battlegrounds. Its colour palette consists of neon pink and purple.

Plasma is a powerful ranged Element, with burn damage and teleportation in its disposal, for stalling out an opponent

It is obtainable by the fusion of Storm (300 Diamonds) and Fire (Default magic, 150 Diamonds)

Statistics Edit

Unlike in Elemental Wars, the game does not give any info on the damage, speed, or defense. Due to the combos and multiple Element usage, this info on statistics are not given.

In the game:

  • Damage: Unknown
  • Speed  : Unknown
  • Defense: Unknown

Player Opinions:

  • Damage: Adequately High
  • Speed  : Average
  • Defense: Above Average

Character enhancements, such as Power, Defense, Speed, Mana, and Health, do not affect these statistics.

Spells Edit



Plasma Missiles Edit

  • The User fires missiles that follow the path of their mouse cursor, dealing medium damage and then burn damage. If the missiles go too far, they will become uncontrollable, so it is suggested to not use for long range.
    • If you are trying to avoid this spell, you should try and fake your direction of movement.

Plasma Ray Edit

  • The User fires quick rays of plasma that can potentially do high damage and burn damage. This is a medium and short ranged spell. This move has its limits, so you must be near the opponent to deal damage. If they try to flip away or teleport they would still be within your range if you are close.
    • If you are trying to avoid this spell, dodge immediately and pivot to another direction before attempting anything. Otherwise, if you have low health, run away from the User. This spell has a limited range.

Plasma Implosion Edit

  • The User's mouse cursor is used determine the destination of an implosion that deals low damage but has burn damage. If the opponent is close enough to the center, the opponent would be dragged to the center and given a brief stun. This is a very quick acting and medium ranged spell. Highly recommended to use in combos.
    • If you are trying to avoid this spell, move quickly away from the implied destination.

Plasma Orb Edit

  • The User fires a small orb that explodes at a specific range. During the explosion, the User teleports to the location of the explosion. It has a travel cap of medium range before exploding.
    • Direct your attention to the orb before it explodes. Doing so would result in an early attack that you can have an advantage to. If you are being attacked while the orb is still moving, do not panic. The User's aim will also be altered due to the change of position and screen positioning.

Scintillating Plasma (Ultimate) Edit

  • The User controls a ball of movable charged plasma that has its path controlled by the position of the cursor. It will pull enemies towards it, stun them, while dealing constant damage. It explodes at the end which deals high damage and launches you far away.
    • If you are trying to avoid this spell, stay away from the User. When the ball approaches you, start running to escape it. You will be unable to do anything to the User or anything trapped. Unless you have a very accurate projectile and precise aim, then maybe you can strike a hit. Deals 9-15 depending on your defense, Deals 300-400 damage when ultimate is finished.
Plasma vs Storm00:13

Plasma vs Storm

Elemental Battlegrounds/Plasma vs Storm

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