Premium, like VIP, is a gamepass with many advantages. It is the most expensive gamepass in the game thus having better perks than VIP.

The description says:

"A game pass for the game's biggest supporters. Expensive pass, but I gotta pay for college somehow

Perks:+Pick up diamonds for 2x their value!+2x EXP (stacks, 3x if you own VIP)+An exclusive red chat color for Premium members only+Diamond tracker - every time a diamond spawns on the map, a ray coming from the sky will show its location for 3 seconds!+2x shards value (stacks, 3x if you own vip, only if you pick them up)+Get 2 shards every time someone else picks up one(stacks, 3 if you own vip)+Lower ultimate cool down when you spawn"

Cost Edit

  • Unknown
  • 2100 Robux on sale

Perks Edit

  • Get 2 times the amount of diamonds every time you pick up diamonds (20 instead of 10 every time)
  • 2 Times experience, stacks 3 if you also have VIP
  • Your chat color can now be red
  • A light will indicate the location of a diamond when one spawns for 3 seconds
  • 2 Times shard value (get 20 per pick up instead of 10, 30 if you also have VIP)
  • Get 2 shards every time someone else pick up shards (gets 3 if you also have VIP)
  • Lowers the ultimate cooldown when you spawn
  • Puts you in the 'Premium' group on the Discord server (Name is in red)

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