Water Beam

Projectile spells are a type of spell in Elemental Battlegrounds

Projectile spells are spells that shoots either large but slow projectile(s) that are area splash or a ray. These spells deal medium-heavy damage and take time to charge.

Projectile spells are usually in the first to third slot of an element, but this can be changed for the player's set.

Elements with Projectile spells

All elements have a Projectile spell except Crystal, Darkness and Time. Here are the names of the Projectile spells and the element they belong to.

Spell name Element Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown Time (seconds)
Great Fire Blast
  • User shoots a large, orange fireball that explodes on contact
  • The fireball puts fire where it explodes, causing burn damage
  • This spell can be ridden
250 6
Water Beam
  • User shoots a beam of water that explodes on contact
  • Users hit will be stunned as well as damaged
  • This can be used to land more damaging spells on opponents
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
250 4
Spore Bombs
  • User shoots 3 large, yellow spore bombs that explodes on contact
  • Heals User if the spore bombs hit an opponent
300 5
Articulated Spikes
  • User erupts spikes that gets higher as they progress
  • Spikes deal stun damage
  • Spikes are the color of the ground they're on
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell can bypass Gravital Globe
250 4
Wind Cannon


  • User blasts a spiral of wind that travels at only close range
  • This deals stun damage
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
200 5
Lightning Bolt
  • User charges a lightning bolt that explodes in the air and damages nearby players
  • This also stuns them
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
250 5
Incinerating Burst
  • User shoots flame that deals damage
  • Also stuns player
350 8
Glaze Whail


  • User shoots a beam of ice that freezes players hit
  • This deals medium damage
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
350 8
Nature's Essence
  • User fires a large green bullets that splits into yellow then red bullets as they travel
  • Players hit will take medium damage
300 4
Plasma Ray
  • User shoots a ray of plasma that burns the ground below and deals damage to players hit
  • Lasts for about 3 seconds
  • Has a range limit
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
400 8
Vitality Abolishment
  • User fires a large gray bullet that explodes on contact
  • The bullet rotates as it travels
350 8
Gravitational Exertion
  • User fires a purple bullet that explodes on contact dealing heavy damage
  • The bullet takes time to charge
  • Players hit will get sucked into the center of the explosion
250 4
Auroral Blast
  • User charges up a beam of light using the sun's energy then launches it
  • A small explosion would occur upon contact
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
250 4
Void Bomb
  • User fires a white bullet surrounded by black flames that explodes into a black beam on contact
  • Players near it would get blinded
  • This spell deals medium damage
350 9
Bloodcurling Blast


  • User fires a large bullet that will deal medium damage to players hit
  • This would also stun them.
  • The colors would be inverted if the player is within the blast radius.
  • Chargable
350 7


  • User fires several beams of colors that explodes on contact and deals medium damage.
  • Can be controlled by mouse cursor.
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
400 10
Black Hole Orb


  • User shoots a slow black orb in the direction of the cursor
  • Opponents are dragged close to the orb as it travels, until it eventually explodes, dealing medium damage
350 10
Ash Pulse


  • User shoots a large mystical blue sphere, which close range deals high damage
  • After travelling a few studs, the large sphere breaks out into multiple smaller ones, each in a different angle. Upon contact, these spheres do less damage, however reach much further
325 6
Reapers Wroth


  • User summons a portal, which shoots out an explosive fist
  • Only useful in short range, but powerful damage
300 10
Polar Projection


  • User shoots a small set of explosion which do high damage
  • Chargable
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
350 5
  • User charges 3 different types of blasts. Known as Star Blast, Lightning Bolt and Fireball
  • User is forced to stand
325 8