Rare elements are strong elements that is capable of dealing heavy damage when used correctly. They usually cost 500 - 750 diamonds.

Rare Elements

There are currently 5 rare elements in the game.

Element Cost Strengths Weaknesses
500 diamonds
  • Spells are very damaging
  • Area splash makes it easy to hit players
  • Very good defensive capabilities
  • Very good at close-range combat
  • Takes long to charge
  • Slow element
  • Struggles against far range
650 diamonds
  • Spells deal a lot of damage
  • Small area splash
  • Can hit far and medium range
  • Has protection for close range
  • Spells takes long to charge
  • Spells are easy to dodge
650 diamonds
  • Spells deal medium-high damage while burning
  • Works very well at close and medium range
  • Versatile
  • Struggles against far range
  • Spells are very easy to dodge
500 diamonds
  • Spells are very good at trapping and keeping opponents from keeping distance
  • Spells also have tricky effects which make it hard for some players to fight against
  • Spells are hard to fight with at far range
  • Spells are less offensive and require other spells from separate elements to make powerful


750 diamonds
  • Spells provide high damage combo potential
  • Spells also have an element of burn damage, fast transportation and healing.
  • Struggle against different height oppointment when using Ash Pulse.