Reaper is a Fusion Element and a Superior Element in Elemental Battlegrounds. Its colour palette consists of black, purple and gold.

Reaper can be created by fusing Darkness (Purchasable magic, 650 Diamonds), Nightmare (Purchasable magic, 900 Diamonds), and 50 Diamonds. In total it costs 1,600 Diamonds.


Player opinions:

  • Speed: High
  • Damage: Adequately High 
  • Defense: Higher-Average


Reaper's Wroth

  • It is a Projectile Spell
  • The user creates a portal from which appears a fist that smashes the opponents in front of it.
  • Has the potential to do very high damage.
  • The spell can pull players near to the portal.
  • It consumes 300 Mana and has a 5 second cooldown
  • Wroth means angry.

Reaper's Sword

Reaper's Sword

Reaper's Sword

  • It is a Close-Range spell.
  • The user starts rapidly throwing swords at the location of the cursor.
  • If most or all hits are done to the enemy, then it can result to damages up to 500.
  • It consumes 400 Mana and has a 9 second cooldown.
  • It has a limited range and is better for close range fights.

Reaper's Seal

Reaper's Seal

Reaper's Seal

  • It is a Travelling Spell
  • The user turns into a purple mist and then appears at the location of their cursor while slashing nearby enemies. It can be used to phase through objects and terrain.
  • The move is pretty easy to dodge considering the element's price.
  • It consumes 250 Mana and has a 4 second cooldown
  • It can't be used in mid-air unless you are close to an enemy or a structure.

Reaper's Lament

Reaper's Lament

Reaper's Lament

  • It is a Shielding Spell
  • The user conjures a dark crystal shield that makes them immune to all damage (except for poison and burn damage).
  • The user then shortly gains a huge speed boost and low damage explosions.
  • It consumes 400 Mana and has an 11 second cooldown

Reaper's Rage

  • It is the Element's Ultimate
  • The user turns into a dark Reaper and traps people within the range of the ultimate and starts rapidly teleporting between them and slashing them with a scythe, doing damage in the process.
  • If you enter the ultimate's range once it has already begun, the user will also teleport to you and deal damage to you as long as you are within it.
  • The damage of the ultimate increases with every player affected.
  • It consumes 1000 Mana and has a 100 second cooldown
  • For the people in it there will be a couple seconds at the end when you can move. At that time attack the user.


  • Reaper is the first element based on weapons.
  • It was added on Halloween 2017
  • Reaper's Wrath is similar to the Great Tree Arc from Elemental Wars's linear explosions spell.
  • Phoenix and Reaper are the only elements based on a mythical creature/being.
  • Reaper's Sword is the first AoE spell(Arena of Effect spell)to deal as much damage as an Ultimate initial damage if all swords hit the target
  • It is suspected that the element's concept was created by mygame43, one of the developers of Elemental Battlegrounds.
  • Previously, it was suspected to be either Death or Necromancy.

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