Safe Zones are zones around the map where you spawn in. When you are in a Safe Zone, you cannot take any damage, however, you can heal. Also, you cannot use spells at all, so the only way to heal is to use the healing spell outside of the safe zone, then come back in and watch your health come back. However, in a Safe Zone, you can quickdodge, but cannot punch (By Pressing Q).

All Safe Zones in any map are marked with a sign saying 'SAFE ZONE', indicating that there is a safe zone. There is the same sign that indicated Drop Zones that says 'DROP ZONE' and points towards the drop zone.

When in a fight and a player is on low health, the player is most likely to heal, then go back to a Safe Zone to let their Mana and Stamina come back. This can be especially annoying because you cannot hit them or do anything. There are a few ways of getting a player out of a safe zone and killing them.

  • Using Oblivion if they are near you
  • Using Vine If they are far away
  • Using Water Tumble if they are far away, but on a flat surface
  • Using Essence Regulation if they are near you
  • Using Gleaming Borealis if they are near you.
  • Using Wind Gust,Gravitational Pull,Void Opening or Nightmare for pull some players out of Safe zone

There are multiple Safe Zones in each map. They usually are in a circular pattern, circling something (Standard= Sandy Place, Grass and Grass [MEGA]= Huge Tree, etc.) There is an exception, Fire, as Fire has multiple attractions in the map such as the two castles, the deserted military Drop Zone, and the Volcano.