A safezone is an area of the map. This is the default spawn area for all players. Safezone are marked with a gold ring around them, usually accompanied with a sign saying "Safezone".

Features Edit

Safezones are presumably villages, with houses and a dirt path.

More Coming Soon

Effects on the Player: Edit

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If a player is inside a safezone,

  1. They will be unable to cast a spell until they get out.
  2. Their health will be unable to regenerate until they get out.
  3. They will be surrounded by a forcefield which makes them immune to all attacks until they get out.

Trivia Edit

Almost all the players are trying to hide if they have low health.

You can get players out with Vine or Water Tumble

Players that don't hide often complain and insult people that hides.

You can be immune to Vine by climbing inside a tree.

You can regenerate your mana and stamina in the safezone unlike your health.

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