Aura Nature-rain

A player using Nature's Essence from above with the Aura.

Shadow Aura

The Shadow Aura is an event / temporal gamemode in which Robotmega activates / executes a set of scripts only they can execute at any given time, while they're in an Elemental Battlegrounds server. When executed, a headline appears at the top of the screen, showing: "Aura: {username] | Time: (starts at ~250 seconds, and counts down to zero)". The username shown at this headline will determine who possesses the Aura Effect. The Aura Effect is shown by a black aura (similar to the gamepass) that surrounds the user. This makes them near invincible, as the Aura Bearer gains infinite mana and zero cooldowns. Moves that stop the bearer, like The World or Temporal Trap only serve to freeze the bearer in place, because silencing doesn't work. This also applies to Grab moves. Any move can be used non-stop, including Ultimate moves. The only way to gain the aura effect is to kill the Bearer. Either that, or having the timer reach 0, at which the game will pick a random person to bear the Aura.


The same player in the image above wearing the Aura.