Spiky Shield

Shielding Spells are a type of Spell in Elemental Battlegrounds.

These Spells create a barrier around a player, of which can reduce damage taken from opposing spells. Shielding spells also have some offensive capability.

These spells can be found in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th slot of an Element.

Elements with Shielding Spells

There are only 5 Elements with Shielding Spells so far.

Spell Name Element Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown (seconds)
Spiky Shield
  • User creates a large green mace around them, reducing damage taken.
  • Players that come in contact with mace are damaged and knocked back.
250 11
Crystal Armament
  • User creates a small crystal tower around them, reducing damage taken.
  • Nearby players are pelted with multiple low damaging but fast crystals.
  • Opponents damaged and stunned if they are too close to the collapsing tower.
300 8
Gravital Globe
  • User creates a large semi-sphere that reflects upcoming projectiles for 10 seconds.
  • Opponents damaged and stunned if too close.
300 13
Reaper's Lament
  • User covers themselves in a dark crystal for a few seconds, making them immune to damage
  • User bursts out of the crystal, and sends of small purple explosions, boosting their walking speed dramatically for another few seconds
  • Purple explosions also damage those too close, though with small damage
400 11
Sonar Quake
  • User creates 1 sonar wave that have medium range and a high damage.
  • The caster gets healed.
Unknown Unknown