Sound is a Event Element (or Basic Element) in Elemental Battlegrounds. Its symbol depicts a musical note, the element has a palette of the colors red, pink, blue, and yellow.

Sound's capabilities are very useful and some spells are extremely effective, being able to work both in close and mid-range, with high versatility.

This element is purchasable and costs 350 Diamonds. It was formerly free during the official Battle Arena event, where you would have to complete three tasks from the Master of Sound to receive the element.



"User can charge a fast moving sonar pulse that will stun enemies, block their projectiles, and even heal you if a ring reaches back to you."



SONAR Quake is a Shielding Spell of which allows the user to charge a red sound wave around them and release it. This sound wave will hit anyone within its range, of which will damage and stun them minorly, but also allow a new smaller sound wave to rebound off them, which allows this move to effect a wider area. If the original caster is hit by a rebound, they will gain health from it. This spell is also capable of cancelling out most solid Projectiles and Bullets that are close enough to the caster. It consumes 300 Mana and has a 6 second cooldown.

Howling Chain

"User casts a string of vibrations that the user controls the destination of after they are already in the air."

Howling Chain

Howling Chain

Howling Chain is a fast Multi-Projectile Spell of which the user shoots multiple pink projectiles, all connected by a chain, into the air before releasing them onto a desired target with a second click of the mouse. This move is chargeable, and the higher the charge, the more vibrations that will appear and the higher the overall damage capability. This spell will be launched when the user clicks a second time, otherwise the notes continue floating until they cant be launched, and stack-able damage is done to the target, which usually acts on a single point. It consumes 350 Mana and has a 6 second cooldown.


  • Fire
  • Shock
  • POW-Star

"User gets 3 options of blasts that either stun players with a shock, burn them with fire, or damage and move them around with the POW-star option."

Echoes is an intangible Projectile Spell of which the user has 3 options to fire a fast moving blast projectile at a desired target. This move freezes the caster to charge this spell, and as they do, the 3 different colours of Red, Blue and Yellow are visible. All three of these blasts do damage, but have different effects.

  • Burn: The red variant, will deal additional burn damage to the opponent.
  • Shock: The blue variant,will stun the opponent with an electric effect.
  • POW-star: The yellow variant, will give out knockback and move the opponent around

This spell will not always have to directly hit to deal its damage and effect, and instead can hurt players ever if they are too close to its gangway. This move is also able to penetrate defences such as Gleaming Borealis and Gravital Globe due to it being intangible to these moves. It consumes 325 Mana and has an 8 second cooldown.

Shockwave Halo

Shockwave Halo

Shockwave Halo

"User debilitates and drains stamina from enemies within the sound waves, as long as the enemies are inside."

Shockwave Halo is a Body Transformation Spell of which the user plays a song and uses it's sound waves to drain stamina faster of anyone within their range. This spell puts the user in a bubble, of which red sound waves are emitted around them (with the user as the epicentre). This allows them to drain any opponents close to them of their Stamina faster, being able to wear them out so that their physical movement is decreased. This spell is also able to prevent the opponents caught in the sound waves from using any Travelling Spells, so that they are unable to escape easily. This form consumes 300 Mana and lasts for 25 seconds, with an overall cooldown of 60 seconds (35 seconds after spell has ended).

Ultra-Sonic Wail

Ultra-Sonic Wail (Low Charge)

Ultra-Sonic Wail (Low charge)

"User can charge up rings of sound that lay their mark on enemies while the user fires a strong blast that attempts to seek out all of the opponents in its radius."

Ultra-Sonic Wail is Sound's Ultimate. The caster jumps into the air, of which several pink rings followed by a booming sound slowly start to expand around an area. The longer the user holds down their mouse, the further this ring will reach out to. Players caught in this ring start emanating pink indicators, of which mean that their avatar has been completely tracked. Once the button is released, a fast and powerful pink wave will be launched out in the direction of the cursor, but will seek out and home in on players that the sound wave had located. It is only after all the players have been hit that the blast then explodes. This blast is not intangible however, and it can be broken by solid walls and objects, however it is unable to be outrun. If there are no players located, then the blast will just be fired in the direction of the cursor in a straight line. It consumes 1000 Mana and has a 90 second cooldown.


  • Due to the ROBLOX Audio Update, Shockwave Halo's song had to be changed due to copyright. The song it was replaced with is called "Roselita" and it was uploaded by Roblox themselves.
    • The song that used to play when players use Shockwave Halo is "Trance" by soundscape 009.
    • At one point Shockwave Halo even played the USSR's anthem, but that was in the early stages of testing and was substituted by Trance.
  • Shockwave Halo is the second Body Transformation move that has a 60-second cooldown (The first being Rock Armor).
  • Echoes' Star Blasts seems like Cure Etoile's Heart Star attack from Hugtto Precure.
  • Sound is the only element to have be obtained through a quest.
    • Sound is the first element to be featured in a sponsored ROBLOX event.
  • SONAR Quake is the only moves has one of the words in all-caps. While Ultra-Sonic Wail is the first spell to have "-" between Ultra and Sonic, Space-Time Rupture being the second.
  • Sound originally costed 500 diamonds before the price was changed to what it is now.
  • Sound is currently the only element with a chargeable ultimate. It's also the only element with a move that toggles through different effects while charging.
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