Spectrum is a Fusion element and Superior element in Elemental Battlegrounds. Spectrum is a very mana costly element, but compensates for with very damaging spells.  


Light and Crystal and takes 450 Diamonds to fuse, costing 1550 Diamonds total and being the most expensive element in the game.

Statistics Edit

Unlike Elemental Wars, Battlegrounds does not give any information about speed, defense, or damage. Player opinions of this element are listed below.

Player Opinions Edit

Damage: Very High

Defense: Above Average



  • User creates a rainbow spiral beam that can be controlled by their mouse cursor to deliver several blasts of extremely high damage.
    Giphy (1)


  • Holobeam is a Projectile Spell. The direction is controlled by the mouse and it's nearly to dodge until you use a quick Transportation Spell
  • The beam is surrounded with Blue,Orange,Red and white spiral and is controlled by the mouse.As the spell lasts the beam accelerates and it becomes easier to aim.

Rainbow Shockwave Edit

Rainbow Shockwave is a Transportation Spell.
Giphy (7)

Rainbow Shockwave

User thrusts forward in the direction of his mouse cursor.The user dashes in a direction with colored circles around him.All the colors that appears on the circles are on a Rainbow. Rainbow Shockwave is very useful for escaping most ultimates, such as Hell's Core, Water Dragon, Ablaze Judgement, Vehement Blizzard, and Scintillating Plasma. It can also be spam-clicked to avoid heavy damage for ultimates like the spirit


  • Rainbowifier Maximizer is a Multi-Projectile Spell. The caster shoots different

    Rainbowifier Maximizer

    colored bullets that each have a special effect on those who are hit.
    • Cyan: Heals caster
    • Blue: Stun opponent
    • Red: Deals medium damage
    • Yellow: Inflicts burn
    • Green: Depletes stamina of opponent
    • Purple: Depletes mana of opponent
    • Tip: Before using this,it is recommended to stun the opponent. If the opponent is stunned all the effects are guaranteed. Otherwise,it will hardly hit the opponent. You can also do this attack when a player is using an ultimate that makes him immobile (Searing Heave,Lightning Extermination or Poison Bomb Barrage).


Gamma Surge

Gamma Surge Edit

  • User creates a fast traveling spiral effect using their mouse cursor that deals high damage in a small area.
  • Gamma Surge is a close-range spell. The player summons a blast of white stripes that falls from the sky and explodes on the ground, dealing high damage to those in its radius.
  • Since your avatar doesn't do any animation casting this spell, your opponent with limited knowledge about Spectrum may be confused where the Surge came from.
  • Tip: Use it in combination with a spell that blinds (Example:Void Bomb). The player(s) won't see and won't dodge.

Cosmic Shrine Edit

  • User traps players in a prism of light that deals high damage spectral blasts to those trapped inside it.

    Cosmic Shrine

  • The caster creates a pyramid of light that traps players inside it with strings of colors rotating around it and striking players, dealing high damage and stun. Players who enter the pyramid during the spell will also be trapped and attacked.
  • The strings have a different color every time.
  • People that enter the pyramid after the attack is activated can get out, but will take gradual damage.
  • Most bullets can't go through the pyramid borders.
  • It Deals 30-45 Damage
  • Repeats That Damage 13 Times
  • Tip: Instant cast crowd control so walk up and press for a guaranteed kill cause balance lol

Trivia Edit

  • Spectrum is the first element to fuse a fusion element with another one.
    • It is also the first element to cost diamonds to be fused.
  • Spectrum is the first element with more than two colors as its theme and also one of the two elements with multi-colored themes, the other one being Nightmare.
    • The theme colors can all be found in a rainbow.
  • Though white isn't part of its theme color displayed in the symbol, it is displayed in its spells.
  • Spectrum is currently the most expensive element.
  • The Spectrum's projectile spell, Holobeam, costs the most mana and has the longest cooldown out of all projectile spells, costing 450 mana with a 10 second cooldown.
  • In addition, Spectrum's multi-projectile spell, Rainbowifier Maximizer, ties for costing the most mana out of all multi-projectile spells, costing 350 mana. It ties with Lightning Barrage.
  • Gamma Surge is the longest ranged spell that activates where you click.
  • Holobeam is the longest ranged spell, as it can go around the circumfrance of the Standard map at least once (experimented by Elementalious).
  • Because some players perceive spectrum to be overpowered due to its high damage, a lot of players call Spectrum users "Not skilled players". Some people say otherwise, due to Spectrum's high mana usage.
  • Spectrum is the first element to directly affect Mana and Stamina stats.
  • Holobeam is similar to Plasma Missiles because both spells can have their direction changed mid-course
  • Spectrum is the first element / concept to be added in by the devs by a fan (in their Discord channel) .

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