Spells are what players use to either defend or damage other players. There are different types of spells that do different things. Currently there are nine types of spells.(Including Ultimates)

Spells are the only thing players are available to use to attack players. Spells are used to attack players, heal yourself, or even move you somewhere when you want to get somewhere faster than your normal sprinting speed. Spells can also create Glitches, which players sometimes use to multilevel battle strategies and combos.

Each spells is divided into five spells in one group. These are called Elements.

There are 9 Types of Spells:

  • Projectile spells
  • Multi-projectile spells
  • Contact Spells
  • Close-ranged spells
  • Travelling Spells
  • Body-Transformation Spells
  • Shielding Spells
  • Healing Spells
  • Ultimate Spells

Each Element has 5 spells. E.g Fire has:

1st Spell- Consecutive Fire Bullets (Multi-projectile)

2nd Spell- Great Fire Blast (Projectile)

3rd Spell- Blaze Column (Close-Ranged)

4th Spell- Flame Body (Body-Transformation)

5th Spell- Hell's Core (Ultimate)

The only spells that can be used on you are Body-Transformation Spells and the only Close-Ranged spell (Wind Ascent).

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