Starter elements are elements that are available to those who joined the game for "free". The game gives starters 150 free diamonds for them to choose their starter element plus some free shards for them to get 3 of the 5 spells of an element. There are currently three starter elements. They are also the cheapest elements in the game

Starter Elements

There are three current starter elements. This table shows their strengths and weaknesses.

Element Cost Strengths Weaknesses
150 diamonds
  • High damaging spells
  • Burns opponents
  • Can be used for medium range combat
  • Slow element
  • Takes time to charge spells
  • No close-range defense
150 diamonds
  • Medium damaging spells
  • Able to attack when at close range
  • Can hit far range enemies
  • Its far-range spells are hard to aim
  • Weak against medium range
150 diamonds
  • Stun effects
  • Able to attack at medium
  • Splash damaging spells
  • Struggles against far range
  • Spells don't deal much damage

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