Superior elements are the strongest type of elements in the game. They deal a lot of damage per spell and are often area splash. Be careful around them and try to be sneaky when confronting them. There are currently 3 superior elements in the game. Superior Elements are the most expensive Element in the game, usually costing more than 900 Diamonds.

Superior Elements Edit

There are currently three superior elements in the game.

Element (Total) Cost Fusion


Strengths Weaknesses
1300 diamonds
  • Does huge amounts of damage
  • Very good at close range
  • Some move blinds
  • Some spell controls location of opponents
  • Struggles against far range
  • Uses a lot of mana
900 diamonds None
  • Deals a lot of damage per spell
  • Many area-damaging spells
  • Has close-range protection and can hit accurately at medium and far range
  • Spells are slow
  • Takes a long time to recharge spells
  • Only one spell can hit far range
1550 Diamonds

(fusion cost 450 Diamonds)

  • Deals a lot of damage
  • Viable for close- and medium-range
  • Special Effects
  • Spells are very slow and have long recharge times
  • Spells are very mana-costly
  • Has trouble with faster opponents

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