Water Tumble

Travelling Spells (also known as Transportation Spells) are a type of Spell in Elemental Battlegrounds.

Travelling Spells provide the user more mobility, usually faster than the player's default running speed and allow the user to cover or create distance. The effects of traveling spells vary from each other, ranging from teleportation, surfing or temporary granting faster speed. Most Travelling Spells also have offensive capabilities, yet some such as Lightning Flash are more passive.

Travelling Spells could be unlocked in any slot apart from 5th of a single Element.

Elements with Movement Spells

There are 14 elements (15 including Sans) with Travelling Spells so far.

Spell Name Element Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown (seconds)
Water Tumble
  • User creates a puddle of water which they can ride on, that moves in a straight line
  • Opponents are damaged in contact with the puddle
200 8
  • User launches a vine to where they want to travel to.
  • Users are able to pull an opponent towards them, as well as steal health from opponent.
300 7
Rock Fist
  • User leaps in its place and proceeds to its destination by the mouse cursor to deal high damage and a stun.
300 6
Spiral Spin
  • User levitates and spins as if they were a drill, moving faster for 4-5 seconds
  • Opponents will be damaged in contact of this move, an explosion will happen
  • User's mouse controls where he/she goes
400 10
Lightning Flash
  • User teleports to an area as quick as a bolt of lightning
150 5
Plasma Orb
  • User releases a small orb, of plasma (can be charghed) which teleports them in the direction it is moving in
  • Opponents caught in the blast radius of the orb are damaged
200 6
Shadow Sneak
  • User teleports to where they had clicked
  • Opponents close to the destination are damaged
200 6
Rainbow Shockwave
  • User blasts themselves through a rainbow tunnel.
  • Deals low damage to those who are hit
200 2
  • User saves their current position of themselves in time, which can be teleported to after a second click
  • The spectral copy will disappear after 30 seconds.
200 2
Comet Crash
  • User transforms into a bright white light and rapidly charges into the area selected by the mouse cursor
  • Deals low damage to anyone hit by it, however also blinds them
250 6
Holy Dash
  • User glows with blue aura when holding the mouse cursor, and then dashes far to the direction of the cursor
  • A Blue Flame trail is left during the dash, inflicting burn damage
  • User will gently float with Phoenix wings if they have dashed into the air
350 6
Reaper's Seal
  • User holds down cursor in direction of where they want to go, as they vanish and travel straight in a purple flame
  • User reappears after a while (longer the hold, further they go to an extent) and swings a scythe that stuns and damages
  • Can only be used on solid ground, not in air
250 4
Light Emission
  • User blasts a beam of light on themself and teleport a medium distance dealing low damage.
  • If you teleport on someone, user gains the ability to teleport again.
250 7
Explosive Leap
  • User leaps across the air quickly in whatever direction they were running. If user is static, the move will instead make them jump.
  • User launches a small blue explosion underneath their leaping distance, which damages and stuns whoever is caught in it slightly
225 4


Spell Name Element Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown (seconds)
  • User leaps on the desired location, of which then creates a pool of blue flames, which deal burn damage
250 7