Ablaze Judgement

Ultimates are a type of spell in Elemental Battlegrounds.

Ultimates are very strong spells in elemental battlegrounds and has a cooldown time of around 70-120 seconds. When a player respawns, his or her ultimate will also need a spawn ultimate cooldown that can be shortened by owning the Premium gamepass. Ultimates deals heavy damage to players. Most ultimates are medium-ranged, but some are far-ranged. Ultimates each cost 1000 mana (Except The World, cost 500 Mana) to cast and often take long to charge. Curently, every element has a ultimate other than Sans

Ultimates are, by default, in the 5th slot of an element, but this can be changed by the player manually.

Elements with Ultimates

All Elements in the game have ultimates (Excluding Sans)

Spell Name Element Effect/s Mana consumption Cooldown



Hell's Core
  • User unleashes pillars of flame that stun and deal damage
  • After a short time, a massive explosion deals heavy damage and creates a large patch of burning terrain
1000 90
Water Dragon
  • User summons a blue dragon with red eyes that will pin one opponent to the ground then strike him, dealing massive damage to one player
  • The water dragon must hit to deal damage or it will dissapear if it misses
1000 70
Poison Bomb Barrage
  • User flies up and throws three purple bombs that deals heavy damage and stuns
  • Players who are stun also receive gradual damage
1000 80
Wind Gust


  • User summons a whirlwind that sucks players in and spin it around User while damage is being done to them
1000 85
Lightning Extermination
  • User floats a blue sphere of lightning in mid-air that zaps players in the direction of User's mouse
  • This also stuns players
  • The blue sphere shrinks as User fires lightning bolts
  • This spell has a range limit
1000 80
Meteor Declivity
  • User grabs meteors from the sky and pulls them down on the ground dealing heavy damage to intended area
  • Also stuns
  • This spell has a range limit
1000 90
Searing Heave
  • User launches himself up into the sky and shoots lava at players, dealing damage to them
  • Also burns
1000 80
Vehement Blizzard


  • User creates a blizzard that freezes nearby players while damaging them
  • This move takes time to charge
  • User covers the ground with snow
1000 70
Great Tree of Abolition
  • User encases himself or herself in a tree with orbs hovering around it then launches these orbs at nearby players
  • Players hit will be stunned
  • User is stuck in the tree therefore being vulnerable to attacks
1000 80
Scintillating Plasma
  • User encases him/herself in a spiky ball of plasma that sucks players in and deal damage to them
  • Players will be launched out when the ultimate ends
  • User can control the direction the ball is going with his/her mouse
1000 90
Crystalline Annihilation
  • User flies into the air and drops crystals on intended place while dealing damage
  • The crystals trap any player below it
  • 10 crystals total
1000 85
Ghastly Grasp
  • User erects a white sphere in which hands come out ball and damages players
  • Also stuns players
  • The hands follows players
1000 85
Gravitational Pull
  • User holds players in a magnetic field then throws them around him
  • Players are thrown after the ultimate is done
  • This deals heavy damage
  • Players who come near User during this spell would also be caught
1000 80
Ablaze Judgement
  • User creates a bright yellow sphere that sucks energy from the stun then launches it
  • The ball explodes like a nuke dealing 400-500 damage to players near it
  • Also blinds a players
  • Damage is dealt the instant the nuke explodes, not when the nuke border reaches the players visually
1000 80
Gloomy Blare
  • User hovers in the air as he launches a ray of darkness towards his/her designated target
  • Players hit gets pushed back
  • Also deals burn damage
  • A dark dome forms around User which is the range limit for this spell
1000 80
Void Opening
  • User creates a "black hole" that sucks players in while dealing damage to them
  • Also blinds them
  • User cannot use another spell in the duration of this spell
  • Players who come near User during the spell would also be sucked in
1000 85
  • User encases him/herself in a pink ball as he/she and nearby players elevate into the air that will shoot high-damaging skulls and lifesteal them.
  • Players who come near User during the spell would not be caught in it
1000 90
Cosmic Shrine
  • User creates a translucent pyramid of light in which streaks of different colored light rotate around and strike players trapped in the pyramid, dealing heavy damage
  • Players will also be stunned
1000 90
The World
  • The user summons a huge grandfather's clock that stops time within a 20 stud radius and turns everybody's vision grey in a medium-large area and stuns them. This move does no damage, but the caster can use spells while the victims are stunned.
  • The ultimate activates very quickly, taking about two seconds, possibly faster than Gravitational Pull (Gravity Ultimate).
  • The ultimate is unique because it is the first ultimate that does not do any damage.
500 120
  • User creates a beam of light that sucks in nearby enemies
  • After a short period of time, a massive explosion stuns enemies, knocks them back, and deals heavy damage
1000 90
  • User summons a large Phoenix which flies and shoots multiple Flame shots in the direcion of the cursor
  • When finished, User nosedives into the last cursor direction, however this is triggered early when pressing Y.
1000 70
Reaper's Rage
  • User gains a scythe and turns jet black, freezing nearby players in place
  • User rapidly vanishes to all trapped players, slashing them with a scythe dealing high damage
  • The more players, the longer the ultimate, as well as higher damage in each slash, though the same damage occurs in the end result.
1000 100
  • The user summons an Aurora Borealis to cast a darker shadow amongst the server.
  • Multiple multi-coloured bombs are then launched down at opponents at high speed and AoE.
1000 100
Ultra-Sonic Wail
  • The user flies a little and charges a super blast that bounces
  • It deals 450-500 damage.
1000 85
Shattering Eruption
  • The User, steaming with rage, designates a point where many tremors will damage players a moment before a massive pillar explosion damages and launches foes airborne
  • Deals around 10 Damage per tremor and ~322 Damage for the eruption
1000 90
Swords Dance
  • The User rises into the air and spawns 10 red blades. These blades violently slash around in the area and can be moved and directed towards opponents remotely
  • After the swords have stopped slashing, each one will strike the closest stunned player before disappearing
1000 90




  • The user takes flight and creates a large moving tesseract in the air with freely-moving cards within it. Any players near the range of the tesseract will be sucked in to the 4D world, causing everything to be darkened and the opponents' camera to be rotating around the tesseract. As players are in the tesseract, they will take damage overtime. Once the ultimate has ended, all players returned to the 3D world and will be teleported to a random location nearby where the ultimate was initiated.
1000 95