This page lists all of the known Update information for the Elemental Battlegrounds Game.

Note: Not all of the updates and specific details are known due to bad recording


  • Added aim indicator to Soaring Upheaval, slightly decreased the mana cost and slightly increased the explosion size
  • Increased Fuming Whack's range and Hitbox size, slightly increased the damage, fixed camera
  • Increased Dragons Ember's range
  • Decreased Ominous Wrath's damage



  • Added Illusion
  • Added leaderboard of the Game's highest levels to Standard's safezone.
  • Changed location of the Minilovania teleport.


  • Added Chaos
  • Made Elemental Battlegrounds compatible for mobile devices



  • Ended Sound Event quest
  • Diamonds Can now be earn't by defeating players


  • Added Sound (Event quest)
  • Added extra area to Water Map for event


  • Added Sans event element for 2v2 Tournament winners

  • Removed Blaze Column's invisibility glitch
  • Increased Water Tornado's damage
  • Reduced Water Tumble's mana cost and increased its radius by 50%
  • Increased Spore Bomb's healing and explosion size
  • Inceased Vine's range and decreased charge time
  • Increased Aciculated Spikes' hitbox and speed
  • Gave Rock Fist an airborne mode so it can travel up slopes
  • Increased Wind Cannon's hitbox
  • Increased Spiral Spin's speed, and reduced cooldown and mana cost (250)
  • Reduced Lightning Dispersion delay
  • Decreased Lightning Barrage mana cost slightly
  • Increased Vine's vertical range and removed invisibility glitch
  • Removed Spiky Shield's hitbox shift (such as when tping)
  • Reduced Plasma Ray mana cost (by 50)
  • Increased Plasma Implosion's range, decreased delay and removed invisibility glitch
  • Buffed Plasma Orb
  • Increased Luminous Dispersion's diameter and reduced charge time.
  • Increased Crystal Armament's damage of shards (+1) and end explosion
  • Increased Glaze Whail's range and speed, and possibly length of ice effect
  • Increased Flurry Heave's charge, bullet count and hitbox
  • Magma Drop now does not hit without reaching targets head height
  • Volcanic Eruption can now affect elevated surfaces (such as roofs)
  • Increased Gravitational Field's speed
  • Gravital Globe can now reflect already existing projectiles
  • Increased Orbs of Enlightenment's damage and fixed endlag
  • Increased Murky Missiles' hitbox, speed and range
  • Deprived Eradiction will now deplete health of others constantly over time, with increased hitbox and doubled charge rate.
  • Shadow Sneak will now reduce cooldown drastically if it hits a target, and instantly teleport if target is in the AoE
  • Skeleton Grab mana reduced to 350, reduced cooldown to 3, reduced cast delay and an overall buff
  • Buffed Holobeam, reduced mana cost to 350 and more consecutive bullets
  • Apparent small buff on Gamma Surge
  • Increased Rainbow Shockwave's damage (>100), fixed flipping bug and reduced cooldown.
  • Buffed Genesis Ray's damage
  • Warp Bombs apparently rewards for attaching to the ground and detonating late
  • Reduced mana cost for Chronostasis
  • Asteroids in Asteroid Belt now summon around the player, rather than above, protecting them and damaging any close players
  • Buffed Neutron Punch's vertical range
  • Reduced hitbox on Ash Pulse's spread and projectiles, and reduced the initial projectiles damage to 200
  • Reduced Blue Arsons resultant healing amount by 50%, and healing now decreases as flames disperse
  • Holy Dash now has a charge time of 0.5-1 seconds
  • Buffed range and damage on Reaper's Wroth
  • Increased Reaper's Swords' range heavily
  • Increased Reaper's Seal's maximum distance, scythe range and vertical range
  • Buffed Reaper's Shield's blast radius
  • Nerfed Polar Projection's hitbox, and fixed damage scaling (full charge now does most damage)
  • Buffed Gleaming Borealis' speed, damage (when size increases, where its max size has also been increases) and stun.


  • Increased Level Cap to Infinite. Chaos Knight in Grass Map [100+] added in order to allow players to increase level cap from 225 (requires 10'000 shards per level). (Note that past level 300, there are no more stat buffs)

  • Decreased Holy Dash's Range
  • Decreased Polar Projection's Trip time to 0.5 seconds per beam




  • Decreased Water Tumble Cooldown
  • Decreased Lightning Barrage Cooldown and Mana cost
  • Decreased Genesis Ray speed, damage and radius. Removed teleport stun
  • Decreased Temporal Trap range
  • Decreased Holobeam damage, travel speed, radius and increased time between explosions.
  • Nerfed Rainbowifizer Maximizier Effects
  • Increased Great Fire Blast damage
  • Decreased Nature Blast Cooldown and increased speed
  • Increased Incinerating Blast Hitbox
  • Increased Plasma Orb damage
  • Increased Essence Relegation damage and Hitbox
  • Decreased Lightning Bolt damage
  • Decreased Amaurotic Lambent cast time
  • Increased Auroral Blast damage
  • Increased Murky Missiles travel speed
  • Decreased Shadow Sneak cast time
  • Decreased Oblivion cast time
  • Increased Skeleton Grab Hitbox
  • Increased Bloodclurdling Blast damage
  • Increased Asteroid Belt damage
  • Decreased Wind Ascend cast time
  • Decreased Gloomy Blare pushback
  • Increased Skeleton Swarm range and speed
  • Decreased Perilous Hail cooldown
  • Increased Wind Cannon speed
  • Decreased all Body Transformation Spells Mana cost
  • Increased Water Tornado range, decreased duration and Mana cost
  • Increased Somber Brisk projectiles amount and speed
  • Increased Inertia duration and cooldown




  • Invisibility 0 speed glitch
  • Visible aura when using invisibility
  • Getting stuck with rainbow shockwave and maybe plasma orb
  • Bloodcurling Blast delayed effects
  • Hats glitch

  • Increased Lightning Bolt delay
  • Decreased Blaze Column delay and Cooldown
  • Increased Plasma Implosion damage
  • Decreased Bloodcurling blast radius, stun time and damage
  • Increased Rainbow Shockwave Mana cost
  • Increased Rainbowifier Maximizer stun time a bit
  • Increased Flurry Heave damage
  • People can no longer escape from Magma Drop anymore
  • Increased Somber Brisk Projectile count
  • Increased Water Dragon damage
  • Decreased Glaze Whail charge time, increased freeze time
  • Decreased Holobeam time between blasts
  • Increased Aciculated spikes Hitbox
  • Increased Deprived Eradication HP steal and damage, decreased delay
  • Decreased Scorching Basalt damage
  • Increased Rock Fist speed
  • Decreased Water Beam travel speed
  • Increased Gratival Globe duration, decreased cooldown
  • Decreased Gravitational Pull radius



  • Zoom-In Glitch fixed







  • Elemental Battlegrounds is back up after being shut down to add filtered chat


  • Elemental Battlegrounds is officially open